5 Ways you can use social media to market your mortgage broking business

5 Ways you can use social media to market your mortgage broking business

Building a professional reputation in the mortgage broker industry is not always easy, especially when you work in a highly competitive area with plenty of brokers available in the community. Social media marketing for mortgage brokers is one way to boost your professional image while also increasing your credibility as a representative. Before you begin promoting your services with your official website, learn more about various marketing for mortgage brokers techniques that are useful and valuable when attracting new clients and building onto your portfolio.

Branding and Design

One of the first steps to creating a successful online presence is to properly brand your business. Consider the target demographics you want to reach and the most successful mortgage or lending companies in your area. Research logos, brand colors, and websites that are most popular and those that are most relevant to prospective clients you want to work with as a mortgage broker. Branding and design are essential when you want to make a positive and lasting first impression.

Work to develop a professional logo that is appealing, memorable, and one that resonates with your prospective audience. Hire a professional graphic designer or illustrator to create mockups of logos before launching your official website, blog, or social media pages. Limit the number of colors used in your logo and all of the branding graphics you want to implement in your website or on social media (including profile and cover photos on Facebook).

Spend time researching color psychology and color theory before choosing a color scheme that works best for your business and the types of homes or properties you represent. Understanding the basics of color psychology is extremely valuable when digging deeper into the marketing and branding of any business or service you represent. Each color has the power to convey a specific message to your clients, which is why it is important to learn more about each of them individually. Some of the uses of the most basic and fundamental colors in marketing and advertising today include:

  • Blue: Useful for online communities such as Facebook and Twitter. Conveys the message of communication, friendship, and trust. Optimal for traditional corporate businesses and brands.
  • Green: Banking institutions, couponing apps, and sales. Resonates with individuals who enjoy shopping or want to maintain a positive relationship with their finances. Also utilized for eco-friendly and green campaigns. Ideal for bankers, mortgage brokers, and realtors interested in catching the attention of those interested in getting involved with the real estate market.
  • Red: Sales, fashion, makeup, vehicles. Red is a show-stopping color that is often used in provocative ads or in marketing campaigns which represent large corporations or high-class brands.
  • Yellow and Orange: Creative companies and friendly communities. Yellow and orange both convey a message of creativity and openness, often used with brands that represent a unique message along with obscure products and services that are not overly saturated in the market.
  • Purple: Purple is often viewed as the color of royalty, providing a pleasing aesthetic for both male and female-centric brands. Purple is optimal for brands with expensive items or luxury services.
  • Black and White: Black and white are used to promote minimalism in brands as well as high-class luxury items or services. Using black and white is a great way to draw attention to main colors in logos and promotions regardless of the market or industry you work in and represent.

Share Listings and Sales

Social media is a great platform to share listings you represent along with sales you have closed on to showcase your skills and abilities. Create social media pages for your professional mortgage broking business to garner followers and interest in the types of services you provide. Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to hone in on your audience while keeping individuals invested in the real estate industry in the loop with your latest listings and properties.

Share photo albums of each property you are representing with descriptive blurbs to entice users to learn more about homes and commercial buildings in your area. If possible, share video walkthroughs and marketing promotions that are easily digested and straight to the point. Video media is a great way to increase viewership and the number of followers you are able to receive using your social media pages.

Organize each of your updates with different photo albums to easily redirect individuals who inquire about specific properties or want to learn more about showings and availability. Take the time to respond to each user individually and publicly using Facebook to promote your own transparency while building trust with those who are in search of a professional and qualified mortgage broker.

Use an official newsletter on your website to attract subscribers and to gain the interest of locals in your area who are in need of a mortgage broker. Link your newsletter signup in various updates and marketing campaigns you launch using social media to expand your list while garnering the attention of individuals in need.

Use your newsletter emails to target potential clients. Create segmented lists for new subscribers, past clients, and even those who frequent your website but have not yet reached out. Personalized email campaigns are extremely beneficial and valuable for mortgage brokers who are in need of new clientele but are unsure of how to allocate marketing budgets online. Avoid overspending on disappointing marketing campaigns by using a newsletter to first determine the overall wants and needs from your target audience.

Guage responses from newsletters as well as the number of opens and click-through rates each of your emails receive. Keep track of your email newsletter campaigns using an analytics tool to monitor activity and to determine the best type of messaging to utilize in order to resonate with those you want to reach.

Use Testimonials to Promote Your Services

Testimonials and client reviews are imperative for any business owner or entrepreneur regardless of the industry you are working in. Promoting positive testimonials and reviews helps to gain traction online while also solidifying your business reputation as positive and professional. Gaining the trust and loyalty of followers and locals is essential to outperform your competition while building your clientele.

Each time you close a deal with a client you represent, ask for permission to share their personal story along with photos or videos of the property they purchased. Sharing personal stories is an ideal way to spread the word of your services without going overboard or overextending your marketing budget. Use testimonials and client reviews on your social media pages, blog, and official website.

Create an entire section on your website that features only testimonials from real clients you have helped. Use social media photo albums to showcase your success and the satisfaction of those you have worked with in the past. Reach out to past clients to inquire about follow-up interviews or photo shoots to contribute to the professional reputation you have in your local community.

Create a Sense of Community Using Your Social Media Pages

While it is important to have an official website or blog that showcases the services you provide, social media is an optimal solution when you want to create a sense of community among those near you. Developing a sense of community is a key factor in building a successful business or brand whether you are selling clothing or if you are promoting the listing of a home.

Use platforms such as Facebook to interact with your current followers by answering questions and inquiries publicly. Provide useful information and direct links to your website or official blog using social media to help boost your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) while honing in on what your followers want and need most from you.

Ask for input and allow comments to interact with those who are in need of your services or individuals who simply want to learn more about the services you have to offer. Create a “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) page on your website and with social media platforms to direct individuals who are curious about your mortgage broking and are currently in the process of seeking out representation.

Creating a sense of community is a way to continuously build your brand and reputation while also standing out from traditional corporate mortgage broker companies. In a highly competitive market, it is essential to set yourself apart while still providing top-notch service and results that lead to satisfaction from your clients.

Consistency is Key While Building an Online Reputation Using Social Media

Posting on social media is not difficult, but requires the ability to maintain an update schedule in order to remain relevant while maximizing your online reach. Consistency is key while building an online reputation, especially when you are new to the mortgage broker industry. Create a posting schedule and calendar to avoid missing an opportunity to generate new leads and gain the interest of new prospective clients.

Use tools and online services to keep track of the types of posts you create along with the activity and traffic each update generates. Use set days of the week to share various types of content, videos, and advertisements to collect informative data about your user base and the type of information they respond best to with each update. Use automatic posting tools to avoid missing out on the opportunity to appeal to a new prospective client even if you are out of town or simply not working for the day.

Consider launching social media campaigns on Facebook to receive in-depth reporting and analytics regarding your current followers and the demographics you are appealing to in your area. Ad campaigns on Facebook provide you with more freedom and flexibility while you continue to hone in on the most responsive clientele possible, optimizing your advertising funds and spending.

Understanding how social media marketing for mortgage brokers works is essential when you want to outperform your local competition while making a name for yourself and the services you provide. When you are aware of how marketing for mortgage brokers works, create an online presence that is appealing, useful, and well-received by the target audience or demographics you want to reach. With the right social media marketing tips, tools, and tricks, create a sense of community while strengthening the bond and loyalty between you and your followers and prospective clients.

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