Most Mortgage Brokers Don’t Do Enough Of This!!

You’ve given your customer a great quote but I bet you haven’t done this critical thing to make the sale… You haven’t followed up properly or enough… In this video you’ll find out why I am going to spend $1500 more on the same product and why following up is the secret sauce to more sales…more often… You’ll also discover first hand why following up is critical to making more sales and growing your business… Enjoy!!!

How To Get More Realtor Referrals With Facebook Ads…

FREE WEBINAR: How To Get More Realtor Referrals With Facebook Ads. Dominate The Realtor Market In Your Area With The ONE THING All Realtors Want & Need… – Absolutely Free! Most mortgage brokers I speak to feel overwhelmed, anxious & frustrated trying to understand how online marketing can increase revenue and lead generation. So if this sounds like you, don’t worry you’re not alone… In Fact One in Five Brokers still don’t have a website! Discover the tools and information you need to understand how [...]

How To Increase Realtor Referrals With Facebook Ads…

Let’s talk about how to succeed with Facebook ads- I see, a lot of ad writers focus on what they want, instead of entering the conversation already going on in their target customers head and appealing to their needs…let me explain Let’s say you’re a loan officer in the La Jolla California and you want to work with a Realtor who’s selling those big juicy oceanfront homes with the big commissions. And you want to get on his and the potential [...]

5 Ways you can use social media to market your mortgage broking business

Building a professional reputation in the mortgage broker industry is not always easy, especially when you work in a highly competitive area with plenty of brokers available in the community. Social media marketing for mortgage brokers is one way to boost your professional image while also increasing your credibility as a representative. Before you begin promoting your services with your official website, learn more about various marketing for mortgage brokers techniques that are useful and valuable when attracting new [...]

Multi-Channel…Multi-Touch…Multi-Media Marketing and why you need to do it now

Most people are looking for the One thing that will magically make their marketing work for them… however great marketing that builds a fortress around your customers with a moat and all has many different things… In this video I show 3 things that is the cause of why Most Marketing Fails…

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